Places of Interest in the Summer

Enjoy various and exciting leisure activities.
Right in front of the house, take a walk in the sunny meadow. Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet offered by the Goldbrunn Pond, which is only 800 meters away. Take in the pond lilies. Or would you like to fish? In that case you will enjoy the newly developed Gendorfer fishing pool. It is a 1.7 km walk through the countryside from the apartments. The unique Caranthian lakes have a lot to offer.

Our recommendation: „Lake Millstatt. Only 4.4 km away for swimming and relaxation till the sun goes down. Or GOLDECK – Hiking and visiting the top of the mountain at 2000 meters above sea level!
Our philosophy: “1,2,3 … Sun and Fun!”

Places of Interest in the Winter

Enjoy various exciting leisure activities.
The entrance to the Sportberg Mountain gondola lift is close by (1.8 km). This is the most beautiful family skiing area in Caranthia where you can ski in glittering snow until the evening. Afterwards take advantage of the Apres-Ski experience in the “Drautalperle” which has bathing and sauna amenities. Or you can try the ice skating arena. The arena is 2.7 km away.

Our recommendation: Lake Weissensee (11.5 km) nature's playground offering skiing, cross- country skiing and ice skating.
Our philosophy: “1,2,3 … SNOW & GO!”